Saturday, May 7, 2016

11 months...

How in Heaven's name has it been nearly 11 months since I last  posted??  I am sorry about the absence.

How has the Princess changed in 11 months?  The short answer is in every way possible!  But you want the long answer, right? :D

She started preschool in the fall.  We were hoping that being around other kids her age would help in her usage of English and were we right!!  Before the end of the first week, she started using English.  Everyday she seemed to come out with another word or even phrase that she had learned.  Sadly, though, as she started using English, her Serbian started to diminish.  She still understands a bit of Serbian because Hubby's co-worker occasionally speaks to her.  But, even she thinks that perhaps it is better for now if our girlie focuses on English.  One day, it would be nice to have all 3 of our kids relearn their 1st language....but that is for the future.  Preschool also has forced her to learn to do things for herself that she was resistant to.  Some of her accomplishments: She has learned to go up and down stairs by holding the railing only.  (She used to put her other hand down on the stair in front to keep her balance).  She can put on and take off her own boots and coat.  She is still working on the coat zipper, but she is getting there.  She now eats on her own 100% of the time and can drink from an open cup.  She is potty trained (during the day) and accidents are usually the result of getting too involved in what she is doing.  She usually only wets a little before she realizes it and then she will go to the bathroom.  She can dress and undress herself, although we are still working on making sure that clothes are not put on backwards.

This girl LOVES music!  And she really has a knack for learning lyrics.  I think she knows every word of every song on all my Celtic Thunder CD's.  And she really knows how to belt it out! :)  She has also fallen in love with current musicals.....High School Musical and Teen Beach movie to name a couple.  She loves to sing and dance with the movies and it makes us happy to see her so excited.

In her ministry file, something was mentioned about muscle contractions in her arms and hands.  When Hubby and I met her, we thought that those "contractions" looked more like repetitive tics. The movements would get more intense when she was tired or stressed and she would zone out.  I mentioned it to her pediatrician when she first came home and he told me that he thought it was just a self stimming thing and she would probably grow out of it.   So, we just let it be for a year.  When she was due for her annual physical, I mentioned it again to her physician and he did not seem concerned. (That kind of bugged me!)  I asked him if it was possible for us to get a referral to neurology because I just felt it needed to be addressed.  I nearly had to beg, but we got the referral.  I am glad that I followed my gut on that one.  I know this will sound very strange, but the day I took her in, she was extremely "tic-y" and I was thankful.  The neurologist was able to see every tic that she does...her hands, her face, her arms, her sounds...everything!  He had thought that some of it looked like a tonic seizure, but an EEG ruled that out, thankfully.  But, he did give us a preliminary diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome.  He also believes that she has CP.  I'm not sure if he will do additional tests to confirm that diagnosis or not.  We see him again in a couple weeks so I am guessing we will find out what our "next step" is.  Stepping into the world of neurology was a scary one, but we are thankful to have friends who have walked this road and were able to show us it isn't that scary.

She has done an amazing job in pre-k this year.  She is still quite delayed so we have decided to retain her in pre-k again next year.  She is just not ready for kindergarten and I am happy that our school is willing to take our thoughts into account.  She is loved by all she meets!  We are blessed to have this little bundle of energy/attitude in our family.  She certainly keeps us all on our toes!

 As you can see, she LOVES her Papaw and the feeling is mutual!

Our little full of spunk and confidence!  Oh how we love her!

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