Adoption cost

Hopscotch application fee         $250
Agency Service fee                  $4750
Documents                                   $50
Background checks                    $165
Apostilles                                     $87
Homestudy update                     $400
I800a  fee                                    $890
Postage (ours)                              $28
Postage (agency's)                      $130
Serbia dossier fee                     $3749
Post adoption fee                        $900
Adoption report deposit              $500
DS 260 fee                                  $325
Hosting fees (housing, etc)       $2265
Travel                                        $2985
Food                                            $421
Total                                      $17,895

**Note, our homestudy update was MUCH cheaper than many I have heard about.  Also, we did not have to pay for copies and then apostilles on many documents because Serbia already had those documents from our past adoptions which saved us several hundred dollars.

Also, I can't figure out how to get the figures to line up correctly. :)  They look right and then I post it and they are all wonky.  Sorry about that! 

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