Friday, May 30, 2014

An answer

I got an email today.  This email was in response to the one I sent yesterday.  When I saw it in my inbox, my heart started pounding.  I am not totally sure why, but I just assumed that it was bad news.  The beginning part of the email was just asking how we were doing and about the boys. 

Then I got to the bottom of the email.  I was told that the age restriction would, more than likely, not be an issue.  In order to be totally sure, we would need to inquire about a specific child to see if we could get approval for that child's adoption.  So, I guess, exceptions CAN be made, but it is situation specific.  Well, now we just need to find the one that God has in mind for us.  I wonder who she might be. :)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

We are not sure where

Our boys were both adopted from the same country.  That country has an age restriction for adoptive parents.  I have always wanted to adopt a younger child.  Our boys were older when they came home and therefore had to start school very quickly upon coming home.  I selfishly wanted more time with our girl before she had to leave me everyday. 

I know that many countries have exceptions for their rules.  For example, China has restrictions for age, length of marriage, even BMI of adoptive parents.  But, in some cases (often for adoptions of children with special needs), they are willing to give permission to couples who don't fall into their typically accepted parameters. 

We were assuming that we would need to go to a different country to find our daughter.  But, I have sent an email asking just in case.  I am not sure if anything will come of my email or not.  Sometimes, however, you need to follow your heart.  My heart is in the country of my sons' births. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Who we are

Our family is a normal, run of the mill family.  Well, maybe we are a little bit different.  My husband and I have been married for a few years, but have been together for much longer....nothing really different there.  Both he and I knew we wanted kids.  For several years, although we weren't really trying to have children, we weren't trying not to - if that makes sense.  It never happened. 

Adoption has always been part of my thought process.  I knew from a very young age that adoption would be part of my story.  When my husband and I did not have luck conceiving, adoption was the next logical step.  It was not a second best option. 

We have adopted twice now.  We have two sons and both came from Eastern Europe.  Both of our boys are amazing little men who continue to amaze all those around them.  As a family, we decided it was time to add another child to our family.  It was a unanimous decision that we needed a little sister.  God has blessed our family more than any of us deserve.  We are excited to see what he has in store for us.