Wednesday, February 4, 2015

No words

I haven't posted for a couple days because I am frustrated and don't want to have this be too negative.  After the weekend of everything going so smoothly, we were waiting for the final shoe to usually does, right?

Monday, we spent over 2.5 hours at the embassy.  In the end, we had the visa interview and we were told that the Visa would be done on Tuesday and we could pick it up at 3pm.  Being pretty excited, we booked our return plane tickets and were excited to have our family all together Wednesday evening. 

Tuesday morning, our phone rang and it was the embassy.  I was excited thinking they were calling to tell us that the visa was ready and we could come anytime.  They were calling to tell us that the biometric photo recognition clearance had not come back yet.  (Don't ask what that means because I'm not really sure)  It was still possible for it to come in the afternoon, but nothing could be done until that clearance came back.  So, we waited.  The minutes seemed to tick by faster than normal.  Around 4:30, the cell rang again and they said that the visa would not be ready. 

We got up pretty early today thinking they would call us.  Our phone remained silent until 11:30.  It was a different person this time, but still it wasn't good news.  Now, her visa is "stuck in the computer."  They had to send a request to have it fixed....the computer held desk is in DC.  I'm assuming that they do not work 24 hours.  The only way we can leave tomorrow is for the help desk to get it fixed so the embassy can print her visa.  Otherwise, we remain here.  Right now, we have no idea how long. 

My heart hurts.  My head hurts.  I just want to go home.

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