Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Prayers worked!

You all were praying with us, weren't ya, weren't ya, weren't ya???  I didn't blog yesterday because I was tired and we hadn't heard anything new or done anything new and it made me blah. :(  Well, I guess we had heard something new, but it wasn't something we wanted to hear.  We were told that the Minister  would not be signing because he had traveled to Auschwitz for the 70th anniversary of the liberation.  At first, we were told that it was just for the day.  Then, later, we were told that he would be there until the end of the week.  Needless to say, we were bummed.

On Monday, the social worker had contacted Z to say that she wanted to come to the apartment to see us.  We were confused because they had already written the reports and sent them to the Ministry.  Still, you can't say no. :)  They arrived about 9:30 and at 10:15, Z's phone rang.  It was the Ministry and they told him that the Minister had decided to come back.....AND HE HAD SIGNED OUR DOCUMENTS!!!  At first, the social worker said that it would probably be best to put our adoption ceremony off until Tues.  We are so very thankful for Z because he worked his magic, and our ceremony is on FRIDAY!  The coolest part about that is Friday is our anniversary. :) 

I can't really think to write any more right now.  We are just a little excited over here!

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